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’Border crossing relations’ in the wedding hall of Tiszabecs - REPORT III

Rafting tour Day 3 - 15 July 2010

Mysterious object in the programme manager’s boat

It is already the third day that we are delivering the present from the mayor of Slotvyno (UA) to the mayor of Veľké Trakany (SK). The mysterious object has connection with the former famous Salt Rout and at the same time it is the symbol of the cross-border cooperation formed during the past centuries.
Having spent the previous night in Tiszabecs (HU), we started this day filled up with energy from the beauty nature along the riverside. In order to stay stylish, we were talking about the long-term, fruitful and border-crossing joint work in the local wedding hall.  Following the same method as it was used in Romania and Ukraine the days before, the presently opened second Call for proposals was promoted through the presentation of winner projects (already implemented ones within HU-SK-UA NP and projects submitted within the first Call of HU-SK-RO-UA ENPI Programme) also here in Hungary. Elimination of pollution, touristic cooperation, labour-market and hospital development are only few of success stories which are realized in the one and only region of ’three borders’ within the country.

Day 2 in short...

Our programme management team arrived on river to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border at 4. p.m. yesterday. Based on individual permissions issued by the border guards and custom services of the two countries, sealing of our passports could happen directly on the bank of the Tisa – just in this exceptional case. In the near future this service will be available for anyone, since the building of seasonal border-crossing point on water in the Ukrainian side will start soon. The life of those lovers of Tisa who arrive on kayak, canoe or rafting boats, will be highly facilitated due to the promising development financed by ENPI funds.

Tiszabecs, 15 July 2010, 9.00 a.m.

Presenters introduced their cross-border co-operation projects, which will be contracted and receive the green light to start the implementation within a few weeks. We also got familiarized with projects implemented and successfully closed within the Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine Neighbourhood Programme in the former programming period between 2004 and 2006.

Contamination of the soil, the groundwater and the inland water is four times over of the acceptable limit in the territory of Velikiy Bychkiv. The Ukrainian-Hungarian joint project is aimed at the elimination of the historical pollution dangerous also for the Tisa. The partners will assess the pollution, plan and develop a monitoring system by which expansion of contamination can be followed. They will continuously inform the public about the elimination phase of the soil contamination accumulated since the year of 1868.
The objective of the project titled “The bell rings for everyone” is the increasing of mutual understanding among different social groups, especially towards people with Down syndrome. The Hungarian, Ukrainian and Romanian partner organizations will present and teach alternative educational methodology at original, spectacular events. They will also put emphasis on exchange of know-how and experiences during the project implementation.
Partners from Zakarpatska and BÜKK-Miskolc micro-regions are going to develop bilateral sustainable tourism strategy with a special focus on preservation of cultural and social heritage and environmental diversity. Besides the elaboration of the action plans, they will educate the actors of local tourism sector and they will not forget about the necessary dissemination and communication activities. “Bükk nuts” are granted more than 400,000 EUR ENPI funds.
On the sample of the Hungarian Naturpark of the Szatmár-Bereg, the establishment of an Ukrainian and a Romanian Naturpark will be started over the borders, which will create the base of a common, international Naturpark. The improvement of a joint Hungarian-Ukrainian telemetering system will be started soon which is - in the interest of flood protection - more actual than ever.

“The speciality of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county is its coverage with 3 borders. High numbers of Hungarian people are living on the other side of the border, therefore, we intend to enhance the cross-border relations. This is not only important for us, but also for the population. Comparing the majority of the sometime over-bureucratised EU funded programmes with the cross-border co-operation programmes, we consider the latter ones as success stories. The region has submitted more than 20 projects for cross-border type programmes and in most of the cases projects were selected for funding. Amongst the others, the local television, archive centre, hospital received EU money for cross-border activities. These projects and the common success prove that borders are not dividing!” – told Mr István ROMÁN, vice-chairman of County General Assembly.

Mr Gusztáv LŐRINCZ, mayor of Tiszabecs introduced the projects of the hosting community. “Many people know, but not so many yet, that Tiszabecs is also famous as to be the place of one of the first fights won by the ‘kuruc’ people. We celebrate the victory of the army led by Rákóczi each year, with a one-week programme series. A monument and its surrounding could be a real touristic attraction. This reflects our future project plans.” – announced the dedicated leader of the local community.

“The place where we are now is symbolic, as the counties of the border region build close, long-term relations with the help of our Programme.” -  added András BARANYI dr., head of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the HU-SK-RO-UA ENPI CBC Programme.

After the conference we were boarding again and rowing with the mysterious present in our boat until Vásárosnamény. The next day, following a stop and reception at Záhony by the representatives  of the city, we arrived to Veľké Trakany (SK), the final destination of our rafting tour.

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